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Saturday, February 20, 2010

will it be a come back?

hey.. hello..

i was asked by several people regarding y blog..like y issit only pictures and no word?
barely nothing about me, my life, etc...
i really dunntnoe what to answer that question though deep inside me me knew the answer bha..
1)mungkin me still cant get the whole grip of myself.. im still not over the past..ie family matters, friends, debate, and my studies.
2)i know that setiap yang berlaku terhadap setiap insan ada hikmah nya..
setiap yg terjadi adalah ujian dari ALLAH SWT.im no so religious, nor i knew much on religious matter, im no parfeit not perfect, as im only a human being like you.
3)i believe i destiny , fate, the qadak and qadar in life. i believe that things are fated, are well planed for us, for me, you, my mum , my brothe my nenek..(i miss tem so much) so as my beloved lovely aunties, cousin , nephew, and all the rest bloodlines.
4) call me gai, or poyo, or author wanna be, i dont care. read it , feel it, enjoy it , hate it , shit on my writtings , seriusly , i dont care, we enjoyed it as much now. so ho really cares.thank u.
5)what are we mde of?
in my humble words, i supposed we are all made of pure honest soul, in which we are placed in a tool ; so called body. our physical.
6)so as i recall, most of us fed our physical needs more than our soul. sedangkan, our body is only a medium for us to achieve the ultimate soul needs (in which i include Iman). again, im no perfect.i own little knowledge, just thinking bout this, now that im writting it here.
7)kiri kanan, left and right, apa yg most of all kejar?money, cars, women, big houses, pangkat, power, more and more amazing branded cloth, shoes, diamonds ring.. etc.. and to the extend that we human being cant get enuf of all the materialistic temtation, that we end up changing our sexuality because one day wewoke up and feels like woh!maybe its tyme to wore a dress instead of the usual soccer pants. they change their sexuality, not to mentioned those who had changed their physical look not for any medical requirement, but merely because their nose arent sharp enuf, or their boobs are too small and that small boobs is not sexy enuf that it should be bigger, or simply because my eyes look to small that i look like im sleepy and that i hate it.. oh how about their celebrity idol own the goddess body that they just need to haf such body too?
familiar isnt?ill said very.
8)we never will get enuf, though we had it all, we still want more.tahts y, i believe wtv happends, me haf to bersyukur. though i was raised only by my mum, i am glad that at least i haf a mumm.at least i haf her as my shellter, my umbrella, my air, my very best friend, my love, my life.. basically my mum is muy inner strength to carry on with all the things i do. my life is hers. i love my mum. thanks mak to jaga me tyme me sakit, to berik me makan, susu, jaga me tyme me demam, to be there for me trough all the ups and down in my life. i know, without u , i cant barely stands.
9)though im not as extra lucky like my other friends, but well, maybe im not lucky back then, maybe in the comin future ryte?crossed finger, amin. its a lie if sik pernah rasa jealous to c my other friends, perfect family, vacation during school holidays, can go shopping la apa, but sik hall la.. i know siapa myself, face the fact, my family belum mampu to lavish lavish gya.
so ill worked hard for alll those kelak, hanta my mum g haj, me n iewan and ninek g sekali..issyaAllah. amin.
10)apa apa pun sik rugi bila dibesarkan dalam keadaan yg agak i think mengenal erti kesusahan, struggle, survival. u can throw me anywhere n the world, insyaAllah, i can survive.
11)thanks to all, muy mum, iewan, ninek, (semoga dipanjangkan umur dgn kesihatan yg baik, dimurahkan rezeki and may He shines His lights on us .dikuatkan iman and semangat, semoga kita tidak lalai dan sentiasa reha, berusaha dan tawakal dgn yang Maha Besar,Allah)


Anonymous said...

It's interesting how those few years have passed us by.
From what I've read here, you're a big girl now.
You should be proud of yourself ma'am.
Have a nice day, and be yourself, that's more I like it. ;)

kukubal said...

it is a good start indeed.
nevertheless, there are rooms for improvement still. here and there to be brushed up.
keep on writing, and insyAllah, you will improve. the depth, the maturity.
my only comment is, try to loosen up a lil bit. i like the jovial you more. :)

Anonymous said...

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